Those Without SIN

Call us Smucker's cause we're in a jam

Captain’s Log:

We’ll if this isn’t a nice how-do-you-do! We get back from the woods and I finally get a chance to stretch out and enjoy a decent connection. Before you know it, we get called in for a job. They want us to dispose of something. A body of all things. You’d think they’d be a service for that. Oh wait.. we are that service. Ain’t that a kick in the head?

So this jittery joe wants us to do the old cleaner-rooski to some guy they have down in the morgue and paying some serious ¥ for this removal. So we hop aboard with the old crew and meet a new guy that seems to have a head on his shoulders. We bribe a local slab cab driver for some proper looking clothes and ID. I whip up a batch of forgery stew to go with the IDs and we are on our way. Myself and the rookie go in as EMT and Mr. Johnson goes in as Grunt, the muscle with a heart of gold and bullets of silver. We make our way past security and are AOK until we get to the night morticians who reads a little too well. Luckily he’s got a frog on his head, cause all he sees is green. A little bribe to his compatriots and we got a body, sans the innards. Apparently they fetch a pretty penny on the black market. We get the body and start our own webshow, but “Carcass ala Acid” doesn’t make for tender morsels, but the video suffices.

It was such a hit that it turned our Johnson white and he let us know that body in question was infected with a supervirus. So he needed everything disposed. So we do some snooping at the local hospitals and find out that the kibbles and bits were brought to the actual black market. Always thought that was a term… shrug So we make a beeline for that spot, but first.. I need some more joe…



Well done sir. +1 Karma for you.

Oh and for the record, if anybody else would like to make some extra Karma, you can do a log entry from their character’s POV as well.

Menagon sonofrepoman

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