Those Without SIN

That there is a lot of dogs.

As the group got back to the farm to update them on what happened. The team realized that the farm was going to get attacked that night. So the team was getting the farm and the occupants ready for the attack. Takeda was resting because he was going to take the first watch. Sargent Samurai was walking around inspection the compound for any weakness in the defense. As Sarge was getting that fixed up " with the help of the sleeping Takeda ". Private Overide was getting to the bottom of not haven enough power. So Override went into the matrix and got a machine spirit to fix the broken windmills. Override was talking to the spirit in front of a mechanic that could not see the sprite. Sleeping Takeda scene bombed and said " just excuse him he is just a crazy cracker". As the farm was ready for the night raid we got attacked from the west side of the compound. Takeda ran over to help with the defense.
5 stray dog 2 hell hound and 1 barghest attacked. We killed them with little to no help from the farmers. That was the first wave.


Menagon bluerose1469

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