What is Shadowrun

Shadowrun is set in the near future where magic has returned to the world, and technology has increased to allow for some revolutionary things.

Corporations have gained enough power to almost be considered world powers in their own right, with corporations being able to enforce their own laws within their own holdings.

Gangs run rampant, with areas being completely dominated by gang violence, and written off by the authorities.

Organized Crime is everywhere. Mafia, Vory, Yakuza, Seoulpa Rings, Triads. These organizations run everything from human trafficking, BTLs, the sex trade, smuggling, and more.

The rise of magic brought with it new meta-races of humanity. Trolls, Orks, Dwarves, Elves, and more. The old days of hating someone based on the color of their skin is (mostly) gone. So much easier to hate someone when they not even human.

The rise of the matrix has revolutionized many aspects of society, from entertainment to security, and makes the internet look like a couple of tin cans and string.

You are a Shadowrunner. You can think of yourself as a kind of contractor, doing jobs that the corps, the government, the criminal orginizations and gangs, and anybody else who can afford you, can’t, won’t, or don’t want to be caught doing.

What is Shadowrun

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