Those Without SIN

I like my Soy-ritos with Chunky Salsa

So we find out that the organs in question, and many others not wanted for questioning, are being held at the Body Mart. After refilling my chai latte, I decide to have a look-around with the camera system, while our sharpshooting femme fetale friend has a talk with the owner of the place, Col. Garland Manders. The Colonel is none too pleased that some of the organs in his venue are being sold with extra herbs and spices that make people finger licking vampires and gives us a blind eye to talk to the organ dealers.

We coordinate the attack. And by attack, I mean that I arrange for an auto accident for one of the dealers while Mr. Johnson arranges some improv theater, and has a member of the audience do their best impression of Swiss Cheese. We gather up the bits and pieces and decide it’s best to go ahead and burn the evidence. The trick of the matter: no one brought that sweet Thermite we’d been talking about. Quick thinking, I ran inside for a few bags of Soyritos to use to set the world on fire. In my haste, and my addiction to Soyritos, I may have gotten overzealous licking the bag, and barely escaped having a serious addiction to Bloody Mary’s…. and Sue’s and Rhonda’s.

We are still awaiting payment, but I have a feeling it’s been billed at Net 9,000 instead of Net 90. Damn typos. I’m sure we’ll get that money any day now sips


Menagon sonofrepoman

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